I created Shoosha for anyone who wants to live a clean simple life, stay healthy and enjoy more time on earth with the people that they love so much. - Patricia Di Gasbarro



It’s the reason I started Shoosha in 2010. What started off as a love affair with aromatherapy turned into a passion for creating my own products right in my own kitchen!

Every day after work I would go home and experiment with making lip balms, hand lotions and soaps – and have the burned pots to show for it! I would create scents with essential oils that just made me so happy. My house started to smell of lavender and neroli, and I had pots full of beautiful balms and lotions that were simply gorgeous. I realized that I felt happier doing this than just about anything else. I had found my bliss.


Part of learning was a comparing what I was making to the products I found in stores. Every night I would sit down in front of my computer to look up the ingredients in every organic and natural product I could find. What I learned made my heart drop.

Ingredient after ingredient in the vast majority of products were harmful. Carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, endocrine disrupters, plasticizers, formaldehyde and more! In baby care products? Despite all the care and attention I had taken as a mom, I had been pouring toxic chemicals on my children for their entire young lives. I also read an alarming statistic that children can accumulate up to 50% of their lifetime cancer risk by their 2nd birthday because of all the toxins they are exposed to, and their skin is 10 times thinner than an adult skin. I immediately researched all the organic standards, and realized there are a shocking lack of standards in the ‘natural’ care industry and many crazy marketing claims. This experience opened my eyes; women like me were being duped. That was my turning point.


I decided to turn my passion into a line of personal care products that earns, and keeps, your trust.

That’s why I have listed my ingredients, their description and their purpose on this website. No secrets, no smoke and mirrors, no funky claims or dubious certifications. We chose USDA Certification because it’s the highest organic food grade standard in North America. Nobody should have to get a chemical degree to decide whether a product is safe or not. Trust ought to be more simple. Shoosha uses only safe, pure, plant ingredients that will protect and soothe your baby's sensitive skin.








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