Meaning Behind Fragrance Free, Perfume and Scent

Meaning Behind Fragrance Free, Perfume and Scent

Its so confusing, I know. You have a child with sensitive skin, and you want to buy something that has no irritating ingredients including fragrance. Makes sense! So many products do not state there are chemical fragrance or perfume/parfum in their products yet when you read the ingredients, there it is. Perfume. Fragrance. Natural Essence derived from Essential oils (whatever that means). 

Truth is, everything natural has a smell or scent to it. At the grocery store, you can't walk by the vegetable section without noticing the scent of fruits and vegetables. It follows that natural organic products that contain vegetable butters, oils and extracts will also have a smell from those oils, extracts, butters or juices.  In fact, the more organic ingredients are almost always more fragrant. Thats okay and normal!

There is a big huge difference between the natural scent of an ingredient, and the irritating and toxic effect of a synthetic fragrance that is chemically derived.

The details are important to take note of. If a product is scented with a real essential oil like Organic Lavender, that is not the same as a Lavender Fragrance. The Lavender Fragrance is a synthetic chemical that can be irritating and harmful, and Organic Lavender is the real deal which can be calming and soothing for your skin and your mind. 

Most all baby products unfortunately contain a chemical synthetic fragrance of some sort whether its stated on the front label or not. So if you see Lavender on the front of a label, like we have on ours, its because Lavender is an essential oil with a natural botanical scent. Its still safe and gentle for your baby and should not be confused with irritating chemicals. Lavender is calming for both mind, body and spirit. Its great to use before bedtime as its a naturally relaxing scent, but its also calming for sensitive skin. 



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