Calm Baby Massage: Benefits & Technique!

Just holding or soothing your baby with a gentle massage can help reduce crying and fussiness, and help your baby go into a beautiful blissful sleep....

So relax with your little one by applying a small amount of our Calm Baby Massage Oil to baby's skin for a soothing massage! Choose either calming Lavender Vanilla or Unscented both filled  power couple Chamomile and Calendula which are known for their anti-inflammatory and calming properties. Both phenomenal ingredients for eczema, reducing redness, and skin irritations too!

Incorporating a baby massage into your nighttime routine is a great way to relax with your baby and includes benefits like:

  • relieves stress & tension 
  • improves sleep
  • can ease or treat gas
  • bonds you & baby!

So lets commence by adding a small amount of our oil into your hands and warming it up by rubbing your hands together. It's best to begin with the extremities so start with their little feet by light massaging each toe working your way up the legs in circular motion. Next, move on to the arms doing the same motions as the legs and leaving the chest for last using the "I Love You" method seen below!



Let us know in the comments if you've tried baby massages and any tips or tricks you have!



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