Homemade Baby Wipes


Have you ever made your own baby wipes?  If not, I definitely recommend trying it!  It’s pretty easy and you will never look at a store bought wipe the same again (although given our busy life styles, it’s inevitable not to use them).  These wipes work really well to clean babies' bottom; they are soft, gentle and moisturizing.  Sometimes my daughter will get a bad bout of diaper rash and my go to solution are these homemade wipes and diaper balm.  These can even double as a make up remover wipe - because if you are like me, some nights I'm too tired to even think about my normal face washing regimen.  Not only does this wipe cleanse well, the added coconut oil allows me to skip my nighttime moisturizer!  

Please share any homemade ideas you have in the comments below!



  • Heat the water (or let boiled tap water cool to a warm temp).
  • Add the Gentlest Baby Wash & Shampoo and Coconut Oil, stir to combine ingredients.
  • Let mixture cool. 
  • Pour mixture over dry wipes to saturate with the liquid. 
  • Squeeze out excess liquid.
  • Store in a plastic ziplock bag or empty wipes container. 


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