Guide To Travelling with Baby

Baby on Board! Flying with the little one in tow can be a very daunting and overwhelming experience. Here are some tips guiding you into having a seamless travel experience!


  •  If you don’t have one already, invest in a baby carrier! Being hand’s free = stress free when travelling especially when filling out forms and getting through airport checkpoints. A perk is that most airport’s will let you go through security with your carrier on making it easier to organize your things!
  • There is no such thing as over packing anything baby related when getting ready to travel. Everything will most likely be used at one point and it’s better to have items you and your baby are comfortable with than being somewhere with unfamiliar products or brands. You also may have to sacrifice your own wardrobe and items to make room for your baby's so plan outfits accordingly! Also check what you won’t need in flight and make sure it is under the weight allowed for a checked bag (usually 50 lb’s).
  • Documents! When travelling out of country photocopy the passports of you and the people you are flying with. For baby a photocopy their birth certificate is perfect!
  • Carry on essentials include: Baby formula/breast milk (if applicable), snacks, an empty water bottle (to refill past security), distractions for the baby (toys, books, movies, phone apps, pacifier), diaper bag necessities (diapers, diaper pad, wipes, Protective Diaper Butter), and warm pajamas for the wee one!



  • Layers are great for any traveller but especially for those who are nursing. A cardigan or scarf can be a makeshift shield for when you are breastfeeding or as a blanket or pillow for the little one.
  • Extra! Extra! An extra outfit  can be advantageous as we all know spills are just a part of life during this stage. Nothing says relaxing vacation like arriving to your destination with pureed turkey all down your shirt!
  • Don’t even bother accessorizing yourself and pack away your necklaces and bracelets. As for footwear, it’s best to wear comfortable shoes that are easy to slip out of. These outfit choices will make going through security easier and breezier.



  • Booking an early morning flight is great because it’s usually cheaper, the airport is less hectic, and this time frame is more likely to help ease your baby back into sleep once on board.
  • Seating is key for travelling with baby on board. Choosing the window or aisle seat is ideal as the aisle is a quick exit to the bathroom and the window provides something to lean against and provides distraction for the baby!
  • Ear popping is an issue that many parents face when flying with a little one. The best advice is to nurse, feed, or use a pacifier during takeoff and landing to offer relief to ear pressure.
  • Keep your carry on under your seat in flight if possible so you can quickly access your items for you and your baby!


We hope this helps for getting prepped for your travel plans! What other tips and tricks do you have? Share in the comments below! 


Happy Travels,




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