Sorry for the quiet time after the Golden Globes, but we were busy working on a number of great things! First, we’re getting on-boarded with Whole Foods (yeah!), which we’re thrilled about – and bravo to Whole Foods for their position on GMO’s.

Second, we’ve made it into this week’s Flare Magazine! We’re in the Eco-Friendly Beauty Picks section where our yummy USDA Certified Soaps are being featured! Flare is highlighting products with Coconut ingredients, which our soaps all have, along with a number of other gorgeous ingredients like Babassu Butter and Aloe Vera.

If you have dry skin, or sensitive skin, these moisturizing soaps are perfect for you! Another little secret… the exfoliating Hazelnut Coffee Soap not only smells like a real biscotti, but it’s great for cellulite (it’s the coffee).



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