All Moms Want To Know..Everything:)

It’s mostly true. I can’t actually think of any times when it isn’t! Mom’s run a tight ship at home.

In my minds eye, I have a collage of expressions of mom’s that are being told a fib…it’s so subtle…that faintly tight, still, dead-eye look. When I started dreaming of Shoosha, I remember speaking to a person (male) that retired from the cosmetic industry. He told me women don’t care to know what’s in their product, and that the organic industry is saturated and all about hype. I’ll never forget the conversation. He was quite agressive on the phone, and confident he knew everything about the organic industry.

Well, that may or may not be true I thought, but one thing I was sure he didn’t know a thing about, was how women think. Especially, moms.

Like most mom’s, before buying a food or personal care product I flip the side of the box or container to read the ingredients. Ialways do this. If it’s too complicated to understand, I put it back. I, like almost every mom I know, what to know the truth of what I’m buying.

That’s why I believe labelling GMO’s is so important. It’s our right to know. This past weekend, over 2 million people across 53 countries and 436 cities marched against American Agri-giant, Monsanto. The main issue, mandatory labelling of GMO’s.

As Shoosha’s products are all USDA Certified, we’re proud to state that GMO’s are in any of our products.

Shoosha knows that mom’s want to know everything, not just what is convenient at the time!



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