Mother's Day Weekend!

Mom’s-one thing I’m pretty sure of is regardless of our ethnicity or our religious beliefs, all mom’s our unified by an overwhelming desire to keep our kids safe from any harm, and to secure their future. You know how the saying goes..your as happy as your unhappiest child. Well, isn’t that the truth!

I talked to a mom in Ottawa yesterday with 5 children under the age of 12. She wakes up at 5:30 every morning to make breakfast, take her kids to school, does all the washing, feeding, etc., and still works most nights recruiting for IT roles often until 1 in the morning. When I asked her why she does all this, she told me it’s because she knows how hard life is, and is worried for her children’s future. She said she doesn’t seem to get tired, and just keeps their future in mind while she goes about her day.

I’m sure I could talk to so many mom’s from any one of a number of backgrounds or circumstances, and they would understand the passion this woman has for her children. She’s no different than millions around the world that work day and night to secure their children’s future.

I really wish more mom’s were in a position of political and economic influence. I believe there would be far less strife, poverty, and our environment would be protected. And God have mercy on any person that harmed a child and had a mom decided on the consequences.

When I was working on Shoosha, I would walk by mom’s with their babies and think about how important it was to protect these babies with a the purest products possible. Thus, the USDA Certified standard route.

I hope that on this weekend, we all remember to thank our mom’s for all that they do.




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