Spring Finally!

Like most everyone else, I’m relieved that Spring is here. Last night I went for a walk with Roxy (my 11 year old labradoodle), and within 1 block came across kids playing street hockey, 2 couples jogging, and 2 other people walking their dogs. By the time I reached Yonge Street, I noticed the patio tables out, umbrellas up, and everyone seemed to be in such a good mood. Yes!

Now that the weather is warming up, everyone is going to be looking for a good sunscreen, and there is a lot of confusion about safe ingredients. The next few blogs will concentrate on how to assess and choose a good sunscreen. Getting comfortable with skin care ingredients is so important, so what I’ll do is choose some sunscreens and go through the ingredient list. Please also feel free to ask me any questions as well.

On a last note, this past winter was brutal on babies and adults that suffer from Eczema. I will investigate these product ingredients with a view towards skin sensitivities.





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