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We couldn't agree more with the ladies over at Posh Mom, check out their review on our Lavender Vanilla Replenish Baby Lotion!!!

Until we had children we never paid all that much attention to exactly what was in our beauty products, but now it’s always top of mind when we lather ourselves and our little ones. It’s rare to come across a brand so pure that it’s completely unnecessary to look at their list of ingredients, but so is the case with SHOOSHA.

The brand is based on the values of “Pure, Organic and True” and they’re a USDA Certified Organic line of nourishing skin products made for babies but also enjoyed by moms. Founder Patricia Di Gasbarro learned in late 2009 that children can accumulate up to 50% of their lifetime cancer risk by the age of two as a result of exposure to environmental toxins including skin care products - holy cow! Being a mom herself, Patricia was alarmed by this news and set out on a mission to create an organic line of skin care for babies with simple ingredients that parents could trust, and that is how SHOOSHA was started.

Now the growing line has a number of products, all of which feel and smell just as fantastic as they work. We’re partial to their baby lotion, but you can’t go wrong with anything from the line.

Baby soft was never this good!

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