Countdown To The Golden Globes & Shoosha Swag Bags!

I’m proud to say that Shoosha Truly Organic baby products were exclusively selected to go into Celebrity, VIP and Editor swag bags for the Golden Globes this year! We’re also are going to have a table showcasing our Shoosha Baby products in the Celebrity Lounge as well where Celebrity parents, VIP’s, Stylists, and Editors can come and check out our products! This is a pretty huge coup for our first launch year… and am pretty thrilled that a new Canadian company is getting this level of attention (or ‘heat’ as my hubbie would say).

This whole experience getting Shoosha off the ground has been a personal lesson in perseverance and focus. Hard work .. works! I’ll be blogging while Nancy Toran (my bff and business partner) and I are in LA to let you know what the whole experience is like. I’ve been to LA a whole bunch of times, but never to do anything like this and can’t wait to see what happens.



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