Shoosha on Cityline Family Day with Tracey Moore!


I started off this morning so excited-coffee in hand, it’s 8:30, and I’m all ready to watch Cityline Family Day featuring Shoosha’s products. So cool!

Then I turn on the TV. Ugh, there are cable issues in my neighborhood. Noo! Thankfully, I wasn’t on hold for too long with the friendly help support person and I was able to watch the show in the nick of time.

The show featured Bruce Wylde, Dr. Marjorie Dixon, Nanny Robina and Harley Pasternak. I couldn’t help but reflect on how great it is that we have access to experts like these who help us make better decisions about our health every day.

I don’t know about you, but watching Cityline I often find myself looking for a piece of paper to write down something I didn’t know before about a vitamin, ingredient or health related issue. It made me think how often we edit our choices based on new information so we can live a healthier life, and my inspiration for creating Shoosha.

A special “Thank You” also to the awesome and sweet team at Cityline that was so generous with their support for a new Canadian company!



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